Lights and Lightnings...

Creative urges, are as pressing as nature’s call.Must be true, I seldom get hold of a pen.

Its raining hard, occasional lightning & thunder add to the ‘feel’ outside.
At home, preparing for my sem ends. It’s been nearly 3 years that I have been learning…well taught.. ahem, referred about potentials, fields, resistances; machines, circuit breakers… Thumb rule, some hand rules and a bunch of theorems I have been told underlines everything I’ve to deal with. My school teachers set this trivia long back…I recall.

I think I enjoy what I study. Its funny u see, if the world finds better ways to transfer energy,than electricity, I might end up at the archives. Thats highly unlikely. Electricity will power civilizations for a long time ahead. And many more like me would battle the task of ensuring that during transmissions, minimum losses take place,protection is set up to tackle line faults, all machines run optimally..blah..blah..blah
Hey, and the lights have gone.(I really love the way we refer to electricity as ‘light’! Most of us do that right?! ) And a grin on my face.

I slide my sofa towards the terrace. At a safe distance of getting drenched, ‘Numb’ is playing in my head. Lightning strikes again..but this time, Benjamin Franklin flashes in my mind and his kite flying prowess.
Isn’t this Electricity too?! At least more intriguing than the stuffs my textbooks rave about. I switch of my phone.


Amal Bose May 20, 2009 at 6:15 AM  

nice start mate.. :)
the stuff u wrote about r still a fuzz in my head..
these things may be interesting to study, but to work in this field.. its something different. a few weeks ago, we went on an IV to a small power station, n drove me mad, its the worlds most boring job - working in a generating station.. with no one other than few boring people n uve to travel for 2 hrs downhill to get even a cup of coffee.. i certainly dont want such a job.. i makes me wonder why i took EEE in the first place.. ;)

all the best for ur blog :)

In my lineofsight

Anup Unnithan May 20, 2009 at 6:20 AM  

hey mate thanks..
actually i agree..its fuzzy.. What i like about it, is the power and energy it contains... then again.. the last line.. i close my book, i found something else more interesting!

gayathri July 16, 2009 at 7:23 AM  

ur totally rite...nature is far more intriguing dan textbooks.....i tink tats wat dey mean wen dey say,BACK 2 D BASICS...tis is were it all began,d quest,d questns, n of corse d shallow ansers whose hidden depths v r yet 2 discovr..if v evr will.., tat is....straigt outa ma heart, tat was an awsum read...

Pris June 14, 2010 at 9:36 AM  

i was always fascinated by the power of electricity...its ability to power the to work with that...

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