Change is inevitable in life and lifestyles. We keep thinking of how we won’t buck the trend, get that burgundy streak or wear those faded denims at some point of time. Our obstinacy may bemuse ourselves, still at the end of the day there are two sides we end up at. We change and then shock/amuse those around us, or debate within ourselves of the state we are in, and stay in the same. Either way, we change. That’s because in both cases we don’t remain the individual we initially were.
Metamorphosis is inevitable.

Everyone in this world has an ego. I realized this late, well I realized this observing myself! We cling on to things we feel is ‘fundamentally fed into our genes’. I blame not the parents. The temperament & notions which we are prejudiced for is an essential feature of our kind. We defend it unreasonably, with very little introspection. The reason is these notions have been passed onto our parents, and we well may do the same!

We are told Smoking is bad, so is Drinking. The generation above us expects that to be taken by default. They might have made some mistake in this regard. That is another point I want to make. The notions I cited, its from the experience of generations above. But, won’t it be much better, if we get to experience it first hand?

Such an experience would put to rest most prejudices we built our lives on. There are issues which may be taken as last words, but I certainly believe there are many more we could debate on. With ourselves at least. That’s because as we evolve, our thoughts has to…too. And only by doing so, can we be truly free individuals.

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